Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Aeon I cash

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Friday, September 14, 2012

2 tones bawal pulakk

smart dusty blue/ turqoise


dark cocoa

leafy green

magenta/dark pink

mud green / grey


yellow / orange

Thursday, August 30, 2012

new 2 tones shawls

all RM 10


dusty blue








Friday, July 20, 2012

weekend DIY @ only RM 12

DIYing is very interesting and cheap!

Transform your bedroom over the weekend

the inside pages

transform your kitchen over the weekend

inside pages

Thursday, July 19, 2012

buy 1 get 2 RM 5 only!!! Serious!!!!


"how did you know with dad?" "how did you know to hang in?"
"how do I phrase this?"She pauses for a moment.
"Because he hung in for me, Katie-the real me, not the concept of , not the abstract. And we share, not only the last thirty five years, we share you. he's my partner-in all his grumpy, silly, smart, smart glory"


That's what a best friend is, isn't it? Someone who talks you off the ledge when times are tough; who celebrates your success when others are envious of i; who can joke with you as easily as share intimate confidances with you; who urges you to keep going, keep pushing, keep remembering that life is full of possibilities and that even a bad review from apompous movie critic isn't the end of the world.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bookshelf clearance sale!!!!

it's the best bargain in town!!!!

COMBO 1 - RM 15

COMBO 2 - RM 25

COMBO 3 - RM 35

COMBO 4 - RM 10

COMBO 5 - RM 10

COMBO 6 - RM 10

COMBO 7 - RM 10

COMBO 8 - RM 10

COMBO 9 - RM 10

COMBO 10 - RM 10

COMBO 11 - RM 10 - SOLD!

COMBO 12 - RM 10

COMBO 13 - RM 10

COMBO 14 - RM 15

COMBO 16 - RM 10

COMBO 17-  RM 10

Monday, July 2, 2012

15 pages a day

its suppose to be something that are a part of us to be able to indulge ourselves in a good book at all times. we mostly would feel that we dont have the time to be allocated for reading books.

is it really impossible to read 1 book in a month?

I heard on 1 radio show ( IKIM FM )whom had invited Dr. Muhaiya as a guest panel and she has given a very useful tip on how we could finish up a book and its very strategical but manageable.

" We should make it a habit/ routine to read at least 15 pages / day. this would only take up 15 mins to 20 mins on average. ( yup! I tried reading in the train on my way to work, easily 15 = mins 15 pages ).
So averages of a book consists of about 350 pages.
350 pages/15 pages = 23 days

365 days / 23 days = 15 books  a year

So easily, the least is 1 book every month.

How about that?

The key is discipline. Make it a habit/routine.

eventually it will be a part of us that we can NOT read as our way of life.

Always bring a book with you anywhere you go.
Especially if you are going to have to wait for someone or when it requires you to wait for something. ie: transport, bank, clinic etc.

Hopefully we could make a turn from faceBOOK to real BOOK!